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      To be as successful as possible, your credit union must be as effective as possible. Whether you're pursuing new members, protecting your tax status or implementing a complex regulation, having the right people and resources behind you makes all the difference.

    That's the benefit of Association membership.

As an Association member, your credit union has unlimited access to industry experts, proven resources and personal support. From advocacy and compliance to education and outreach, every service we provide is designed to minimize your burden and maximize your impact.

       Association membership is also your gateway to the greater credit union community, where you can leverage peer cooperation and help shape the future of our movement. From regional chapters to national peer groups, there are countless ways to get involved.

Choiseul Co-operative Credit Union



The idea of forming a Credit Union in Choiseul commenced in the year 1962 with Father Ludovic Chauvet who was the catholic parish priest of Choiseul at the time. The priest encouraged thrift amongst Catholics securing their funds for them so that they can use these funds in difficult times. Every Sunday after mass, persons would take their monies to the priest for safe keeping.  


 The Choiseul Co Operative Credit Union officially began operating as an organization on 08th December, 1963 and was registered on 6th October, 1970. Over fifty years later the Choiseul Co Operative Credit Union Limited has made significant strides towards development. 


Our valued members who are our principal owners have appointed a Board of Directors, Credit Committee and Supervisory Committee to oversee the operations of the credit union.

St. Lucia Teachers' Credit Co-operative Credit Ltd



The St. Lucia teachers' Co-operative Credit Union Ltd, is a


co-operative Financial Organization established on June 23, 1984 and registered #45 on August 28 1986, to assist its members in improving their social and economical well-being.


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Laborie Co-operative Credit Union Ltd



The Laborie Credit Union has a mandate to improve the quality of life of both its members and the community. Part of the revenue generated from loan interest payments is given back to the community through the sponsorship of various community development initiatives, such as scholarships, sponsoring preschools, member education programs.

The Laborie Credit Union fosters democracy. Every year at our Annual General Assembly (AGM), our members engage in discussions on how we can be better. The AGM, the highest decision making body of the Credit Union, offers our members the opportunity to elect the persons who serve as officers of the Credit Union Board.


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Elk’s Co-operative Credit Union Limited



The Elk’s Co-operative Credit Union Limited was registered under the Co-operative Societies Ordinance #82 (the former Act) under the laws of Saint Lucia (1957 revision) on 24th September 1963. In accordance with Regulations 59 section 10, a resolution was moved by the members on 14th May 1994 changing the name of the society to Elk’s City of Castries Co-operative Credit Union Limited on 10th August 1994.



Vision statement


Building a stronger community one member at a time.


Mission statement


To exist as a viable financial institution directed and owned by members for their personal and financial development and that of the wider community  


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Dennery Community Credit Co-operative Society



The Dennery community Credit Co-operative Society also known as Dennery Credit Union was registered on February 17, 1993. 


One of the principle aim of the society is to provide loans to members for provident and productive purposes at a reasonable rate of interest.
Members are eligible for loans based on their shares. 
The Dennery Credit Union mission is to educate members of the community about the principles and benefits of corporatism so as to attract a wide cross section of the community in an effort to harness our collective resources and to promote the educational, social and economic development of members and the wider community.





National Farmers Co-operative Credit Union




National Farmers Co-operative Credit Union (NFCCU) was established in February 1994 and was affiliated to the National Farmers Association (NFA) - an umbrella organization, serving Farmers in St. Lucia. The NFCCU was established after a series of discussions and consultation with Farmers and Farmers group with the different parties expressing support for a financial institution for the economic development and advancement of Farmers, their families and farming communities around the island of Saint Lucia.


The National Farmers and General Workers Co-operative Credit Union Society Limited (NFGWCCU) primarily exist to promote thrift among Members, by saving together and providing low interest loans to Members and by extension their family; whether productive or provident purposes.


Our Mission

Providing quality, timely and professional services to its membership as it continuously encourages maximum participation, staff development, while remaining committed to its socio-economic responsibility to our people.


Our Vision

To be committed in providing and enhancing the quality of our products and services to you our members and customers according to your changing financial needs as we remain abreast with technological upgrades in our operating environment.


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